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KZK K78-34 250VAC / 375VDC — 5% tolerance

Technical specifications (according to manufacturer): «K78-34 — Brand new Russian audio capacitors; special design of KZK (Kuznetskiy Zavod Kondensatorov, established 1958) brand, based on military grade capacitors K73-16. Taking into account the purpose of this capacitor, sound systems, we produce them with following features: we replaced PET to state-of-the-art polypropylene film, which is more «musical» dielectric and industry standard in audio applications; we use special film with heavy Al-Zn edges for low dissipation factor and more clarity in highs; in contrast to traditional capacitor metal end spraying with Zn + Alloy we use only ultra-pure Zn with special grain structure in order to eliminate parasitic effects in contact areas; our proprietary electrical and thermal treatment allows to get very stable parameters of capacitors and also gives natural musical tone without any harshness of high-order harmonics. Tech Specs: available at ratings of 250Vdc, 400Vdc, 630Vdc, 1000Vdc; capacitance range 0,01 to 100µF; capacitance tolerance ±5%; dissipation factor less than 0,002; operating temperature range -60ºC to +85ºC; insulation resistance greater than 100.000 MO; life expectancy 219.000 h; case material: aluminium tube.»

Sound: The KZK K78-34 is a full bodied, slightly warmish sounding capacitor with a very smooth top end. The tonal balance gives slightly more attention to the lower part of the treble making it not as finely detailed as Mundorf capacitors for example but which does give it a nice intimate character that is very pleasing on long term listening sessions. The smooth top end gives a calm and natural presentation that is slightly on the dark side of neutral. As a reality check I compared the K78-34 with the absolutely ruler flat (and far more expensive) Duelund RS-Cu. The Duelund sounded in a direct A-B comparison more open in the top end and overall more balanced. Switching to the other end of the scale, comparing the K78-34 with standard quality MKP’s such as the Intertechnik Audyn Q4 or Solen Fast Cap PB-MKP-FC, you notice how nicely full-bodied and rich the presentation of the K78-34 is. It can get a little bit muddy on complex orchestral works or massed choir music but I guess that is due to it being slightly on the dark side of neutral. The soundstage is placed slightly in front of the speakers, again making the overall sound quite intimate. In contrast to various Mundorf capacitors that tend to place the soundstage a little more to the back. That the K78-34 doesn’t have heaps of outlined detail at the top end can be quite usefull at times, for example, if your system is a bit on the hot side of neutral the K78-34 should bring everything nicely back into balance.

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